The goal of every office relocation is a seamless and effective transition. Careful planning means that your commercial move will get you where you need to be. A key to a successful relocation is a thoughtful moving timeline. Here are some tips to keep your move on track and efficient.

Allow Yourself at Least Six Months

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Unless your company absolutely must move as soon as possible, plan a minimum of six months’ preparation for a significant commercial move. In the early months, designate a person or team to oversee the move’s details. Begin getting quotes and estimates from commercial moving companies, as well as reading reviews and asking for recommendations. Additionally, begin considering the design work that you require. Will clients see your office? If so, consider hiring an interior decorator. Even if your new space is move-in ready, you still need to think through office assignments, phone layouts, and more.

Book Your Moving Team Three Months in Advance

If you are looking for the best commercial movers in your area, you need to book them early. Three months out is also a good time to begin getting your move on other people’s schedules. For instance, be sure to book elevators in both your new and old buildings for the day of your move. Also, check with building supervisors about any parking arrangements that need to be made for the moving trucks.

Stay in Touch With Your Team

Moving locations stresses everyone involved. Be sure to keep your staff in the loop, providing regular updates on the progress of your plans. Your IT department should be heavily involved in planning the computer and telephone arrangements in your new space, which should be finalized 3-4 months before moving day. Encourage your employees to ask any and all questions they have regarding the move logistics. Also, if there is any way to take your staff to the new space to look around, it will help put everyone’s mind at ease.

Get as Close as You Can to Business-Ready

A month out from your move, ensure that all utilities, internet, mail, and other necessities are set up and ready to go for your arrival. Update everything paper that includes your business address (and phone number, if that’s changing) to reflect your new location. In the week leading up to your relocation, order copies of your new keys and confirm all plans with building management and the moving company. The day before you move, change your address on your website and social media sites.

All of these preparations will allow you to experience your commercial move as a smooth transition rather than a jarring interruption. If you need a reputable commercial mover in the Fairfax, VA area, look no further than Nova Express Movers. Contact us today for more information.

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