Moving can be exhausting and overwhelming. The long lists of to-dos and countless boxes never seem to end. Thankfully, with a few simple strategies, you can minimize your stress and have everything ready to go by moving day. Try these tips to make your move a success.

Pack Early

It’s tempting to leave the packing until the move feels imminent. However, the earlier you can begin filling boxes, the better off you’ll be when crunch time comes. Begin by packing your non-essentials: holiday items, home decor, books, out of season clothing, and other extras (bedclothes, towels, etc.). If you spread the workload over several weeks or more, moving will become much more manageable.

Change Your Address Two Weeks Before You Move

Changing your address in advance of your move will ensure that bills, packages, and other essential mail get to your new home. The USPS has an easy way to change your address online. If you would prefer, you can also go to your local post office and request a Mover’s Guide packet. This packet contains a form that conveniently allows you to change your address.

Transfer Necessary Services

Another important task before you move is the transfer of services from the previous owner or renter. Do your research and arrange for utilities (gas, water, electricity, trash pick up) in your name. The same goes for phone, internet, or cable services. Preparing the switch in advance will eliminate any gaps in service.

Label Everything

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It’s easy to think you’ll remember what you’ve stored in particular boxes when it’s fresh in your mind. However, in the chaos of moving, it’s easy to forget what went where. You’ll be very grateful for your forethought when you see that you clearly marked each box. Don’t forget to write both the box’s contents and destination

Store All Your Essentials in an Overnight Bag

The last thing you want to be doing on moving day is digging through dozens of boxes looking for your toothbrush. As you finish up your packing, make sure you set aside your daily essentials, like toiletries, medications, and a few sets of clothing, in an easily accessible overnight bag. Keeping those personal items with you will ease your first few nights in your new home.

Hire a Mover You Can Trust

There really is no replacement for the expertise of a professional moving company. Your belongings will arrive intact, in record time, with no sprained ankles or backs in the process. The effort and expense you put into finding a reputable moving company will more than pay for itself with a hassle-free moving day. Be sure to inform your movers of any challenges they may face in your move, like limited access (like narrow stairs or driveway), over-sized items (such as a piano or refrigerator), or other details that may require extra planning or equipment.

Try Not to Stress

Ultimately, the more you can do in advance, the smoother moving day will go. It doesn’t benefit anyone to panic. Plan ahead as much as you can, and then take your move one step at a time. Remember to get plenty of sleep before your move. On moving day, keep it simple by ordering pizza or other takeout and have lots of hydrating drinks on hand for you and your movers. Take breaks to breathe and assess the progress. Everything will come together in the end. 

By following the simple tips above, you are working toward a hassle-free moving day. Are you looking for more ideas to help with your move? Check out more of our packing and moving tips here. If you are looking for a mover in the greater Fairfax area, contact us for a free quote.

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