When you’re moving into a new home or building, it may seem like hiring a national moving corporation is your best option. They’re experienced and see thousands of customers a year. However, in reality, a local moving company has far more to offer. Here are three reasons you should hire a local mover for your upcoming relocation.

Great Reputation and References

Because local movers operate in your local area, they are naturally more dedicated to their customers and the surrounding area. Reputation is the lifeblood of any local business. This drives local businesses to offer the best service and customer experience possible. Before hiring a local moving company, you can read reviews online and ask for recommendations from friends and family. For example, check sites such as Angie’s ListYelp, and the Better Business Bureau. National moving companies may also have reviews online, but because they have branches all over the country, it’s much more difficult to get an honest look at the specific movers you would be hiring.

Efficient and Convenient

A local moving company will know your area better than anyone. Time-management is a natural part of a local mover’s service. It is essential to the life of a local company to be reliable and efficient. With the convenience of a nearby location, there is plenty of equipment and supplies to make your move a smooth one. Rather than the strict appointment times of big corporate movers, a local moving company can work with you and be flexible. Also, thanks to more flexible schedules, local moving companies are more likely to be able to work on short notice.

Saves Money

At first glance, hiring movers may appear out of your budget. In the long run, however, hiring a local moving company may actually save you money. All of the extras that a move often requires — boxes, packing materials, bubble wrap, dollies, etc.– are included in the cost of a moving company’s quote. This saves you both time and money. Local companies have lower operating costs than nationally-operated movers, and they can pass those savings on to you.

Your upcoming move will be smoother and more cost-effective if you hire local movers. They know and care about your community, they can offer flexibility and affordable prices, and customer service is their top priority. If you are looking for a local moving company in the Fairfax, VA area, contact Nova Express Movers today, or get a free quote here.

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