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NOVA Express is the exception that makes the rule about movers being shady and aggravating. They showed up early, introduced themselves in a legitimately friendly way, then got right to work. They worked quickly and efficiently, but our stuff was very well wrapped and taped in moving blankets to protect it all, and the truck was loaded faster than we’d expected. Amazingly, they not only didn’t damage any walls, I couldn’t even find any scuff marks despite some large shelves and a big desk having to make their way around some tight corners and through some confined stairs. When it came time to unload the truck, they were again very efficient, and it was done even faster. Best of all, their quote came in at half the price of every other quote, and then they came in under the original quote because they loaded/unloaded faster then expected, and because after they realized that they would only need three guys to unload the truck in the same amount of time, the owner came by and grabbed one of the four original guys, leaving the awesome Ron, Jerome, and Rolande (sp?) to do the unloading. By doing that they saved us a bunch of labor costs by not sticking us with an unnecessary extra man, and guaranteed that we’ll use them again.

I never thought I’d give five stars to a moving company, but I have a hard time imagining how I could have had a better experience.

Tucker H.Vienna, VA

These guys were so professional, quick, reliable, and best of all – they made my move stress-free, which was the most important thing for me. I was relocating from the NOVA area to an area that was a two-hour drive (so it was a semi-long distance move).  This was my first time using professional movers and I did some thorough research to make sure I had a reliable and trusting moving company to move my personal belongings.  I read all about moving scams and how to find legitimate companies. 

Not only is this company properly registered as a moving a company but they gave me one of the lowest moving quotes out of the 20-some companies I contacted and actually stuck with the quote! From loading time from my old location to unloading time to my new location, it look a total of 4 hours (including travel time). We even had some awkwardly-sized furniture that we asked them to rearrange, which involved a narrow doorway. We thought it would be impossible but somehow, they successfully moved it all without any damage to the house or furniture. 

I thought it was a super fair price for the great work they did – plus, I gave them a tip for doing an awesome job. I never write yelp reviews but I had to for this company because they deserve as much business as they can get!

Ann C.Fairfax, VA

I purchased a huge wardrobe/armoire which was 92″ high from someone living in Vienna, Va. She recommended Nova Express Movers since they had moved it for her in the past and she really liked them. I called them and they were very pleasant and I was able to have them move it for me two days after I called.

On the day of the move, the movers called to alert me they had finished loading the armoire and were on their way to Frederick and gave me an estimated time of arrival. Captain Kirk and a Russian man who’s name I can not remember were my movers. They both worked extremely hard to get the armoire into my daughter’s room. It was as close to impossible since there was just a 2″ clearance to the ceiling and the angles of the room’s door made it impossible to maneuver in. I was super stressed, shattered and heart broken! The movers saw this and they tried and tried, and they did not stop until they succeeded in achieving the impossible! They kept things light hearted and were so sweet and professional!! I would highly recommend them both and the company!!!

TIdelys J.Frederick, MD

Professional. Fast. Courteous. Friendly. I’ve moved over ten times in my life and this was by far the best experience I’ve ever had. We had a fantastic team of guys – Ron, Jerome and Kirk (“like Captain Kirk” as he says). This company was recommended by a friend but I already found them on Yelp. I was glad she said something because I’m always leery of companies that have unbelievably good rating (like NOVA Express Movers) – but believe the hype. The rates are very competitive and, given the service and care we received, I would use them again.

The guys walked in, I showed them what we wanted to move, they told us, “relax, we’ve got it from here.” Two hours later they had wrapped, loaded and unloaded the big furniture of our two bedroom apartment. It was everything we hoped for and they came in precisely on the estimate (which is rare in my experience).

Our team was really friendly and, I can’t believe I’m saying this about moving, it was actually fun.

John T.Fairfax, VA

I’ve never used movers before, but after my experience with NOVA Express Movers, I’m thoroughly impressed, and never moving myself again!

The guys showed up right on time, and as soon as they introduced themselves, they quickly walked around with me to see everything they had to move, and immediately got to work. They had the whole truck packed up within an hour, and unpacked within an hour on the other side. After unpacking everything, the guys quickly walked through with me to ask if I wanted any furniture moved to a different location within the rooms (which they set up for me as they unloaded, which was SO helpful!).

They were such an amazing team, super efficient, joked around a bit between loads of stuff, and everything arrived safe and sound. It was also great having all the furniture in the rooms set up as I wanted to let me get right into unpacking and enjoying my new place! You should definitely use these guys!

M L.Alexandria, VA

We’ve moved twice in the last 14 months and used NOVA express movers both times. After calling around, they offered the best rates for 3 men (most companies offer 2 men/hour for the same price) and a 20ft truck. We’ve had a great experience both times and I highly recommend them to others.

They called when they were on their way, and arrived about 10 minutes early, but didn’t charge us until our scheduled start time. They were SPEEDY, scaling our 4 flights of stairs and loading the truck up in a systematic and thoughtful way. All of our items came to the new house in great shape. As they unloaded the truck at our destination they were courteous asking where each piece should go and polite in wiping their feet, watching the corners/paint on the walls, etc. Our move was so quick and there were no hidden fees. We paid cash and even got a nice discount.

Great experience, highly recommend them.

John T.Fairfax, VA

5 stars for all aspects of the move. From the beginning when I started the search, they replied promptly to numerous email questions. A week before the move I emailed them to confirm, got answered right away. Then a couple of days before the move they sent the confirmation email and a day after that followed up with a phone call.

The team , led by (Captain) Kirk, Poochie, Alex and Meechie arrived at the agreed upon time. This was a rather big move…11 hours (even with everything packed beforehand). Two flight of stairs down and up in the new apt. During the entire move, they were cheerful, polite and considerate.

Cannot praise them enough. On top of that, it was the best deal (I checked at least 10 other companies) + a 5% discount the payment in cash. From the co’s I checked they are the only ones who offer that.

Do consider them for your move.

Martin G.Manassas, VA

A three man crew helped me and my roommate move out of our 2 bedroom apartment in June. They were fast, friendly and focused! Didn’t start the timer till they were standing in our old apartment, equipment ready. Stopped the timer when they put down the last piece of furniture. They knew we were trying to save money by only moving furniture, so tried their best to make everything as speedy as possible. Yet nothing was damaged even though we own tons of flimsy ikea furniture.

The person in charge of booking was also a breeze to work with, even with schedule changes. It was my first time using movers, so I was apprehensive about the whole process.. but they made it worry free and I will definitely use them if I have to move again. Don’t forget to tip!

Stephanie W.Arlington, VA

We used Nova Express Movers for a move that was literally down the street. Tony, the guy in charge, was extremely professional and helpful and had a very calm demeanor that is key for stressed-out movers. He and his crew (Mike and AJ, I think?) did a great job and holy cow are they strong. I can’t believe the amount of heavy furniture (dressers with full drawers, etc.) they managed to get into their truck just lifting it. We told them we wanted to get things done quickly and they did not dawdle at all. 2.5 hours later they were finished. Also the dispatcher (Jan) was super helpful and professional. Highly recommended. Just remember that they charge a fee for credit card use and offer a 5 % discount for cash. No checks. Would use again!

Michele B.Fairfax, VA

When they use the word “express”, they really aren’t kidding! We moved to Northern Virginia from out of state and decided to hire NoVa movers to transfer the contents of our 1 bedroom + den apartment from the container storage facility to our new apartment building. Mike and his partner were incredibly fast, efficient, and polite. We were amazed at how quickly they handled our move! They literally finished our move in under two hours, which includes 30 minutes of driving time from the storage facility to our apartment. Everything arrived in one piece, and they were very patient about placing furniture and boxes in places and rooms that we specified. We ended up paying a lot less than we expected because they were so quick.

Kim D.Golden, CO

Dear Movers, My name is Benjamin and I wanted to write you guys to let you know that your movers did a really good job last week when they moved my stuff to my new house in Fairfax. I never thought moving could be so simple. Your movers actually packed everything, including my furniture. They made sure I was aware of everything they were doing which made me feel a lot more secure about who was moving my stuff. Everything was moved with no damage. I am glad that I decided to call your company. Thanks for taking the time to make sure everything stayed in one piece.

Benjamin I

We moved from a 4th floor walk up to a 14th floor high rise 45 minutes away. Definitely not an “easy” move. But NoVa Express was on time, professional, efficient, and completed our move faster then I could have ever imagined. They made everything so easy. I was also very impressed that the quote they gave us originally was almost exactly what we ended up paying. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a moving company and we will definitely use them again. Price was competitive with the other country in the area, but the quality of service really set this company apart.

Alyssa T.Ashburn, VA

Excellent choice to use this company for my move. The basics — they were organized in the booking, showed up on time, all English speaking (which is good because i don’t speak any other language!!!), they showed up on time, they quoted an estimate of move time and were pretty close to it and they took great care with my stuff.

They really were perfect, easy to work with — i would recommend them to anyone. They do accept credit cards as well, for a nominal fee of 3% which covers their fee.

Cheryle A.Fairfax, VA

No complaints here. They arrived on time, worked quickly and professionally. Whenever an item needed some special attention which may have resulted in additional expense (special wrapping of the couch, for example), the workers explained what they were doing and why it was needed. Delivery was right on time as well, and they even accommodated a few requests to move around some furniture after we decided we wanted a few items in different places. All in all a top notch experience. Couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

Richard S.Fairfax, VA

Hi there,
It’s Laura again, and we are finally ready to move into our new house.
Are you able to schedule your movers on very short notice, like this Friday, June 29?
Both of my storage units will be at our new house on Thursday night, and we need to have them emptied by the end of the afternoon.
You all did such great work for us in January & March; we’d like to use you again.

Laura Halick

These guys were great! They moved all our belongings from two storage units and our townhouse to our new single family home. They showed up on time and ready to work. They expertly wrapped up all the furniture to protect it and then assembled it all again at the new house. Our team of four movers was friendly and fun! It was hot and we had a lot of stuff. They endured with smiles and professionalism. We will recommend them to everyone we know!

Melissa H.Centreville, VA

I used NoVa Express Movers for a long distance move.  I was very impressed with the service provided, the care given to all of my personal items, and the price.  The movers were on time and worked fast.  Not only that, they beat me to my final destination and were awaiting my arrival to unload my belongings!  I would definitely use NoVa Express again, and I would highly recommend this business.  You can’t beat the price and the service!

Michelle T.

I am extra careful about my property and also had to a move out fee to the condo so time was of the essence. The gentlemen showed up early and they did a fantastic job. Although I was charged by the hour, the movers worked diligently and exercised great care with my property. If you need trustworthy moving at an excellent cost, look no further. You can sit back and enjoy while these guys do the tough work.

Mo T.Vienna, VA

I chose this company because they did not require a 4 hour minimum like most moving companies in the area. The 3-person team showed up on time and moved everything quickly and professionally. They even moved our extra large couch up 4 flights of stairs since it didn’t fit in the elevator! They took 2.5 hours at a very reasonable price. Quinton, Kirk, and AB were fast and friendly 🙂 Would definitely call them again.

Maura D.Alexandria, VA

We chose NoVa Express because they had the most reasonable price of the 4 moving companies we got quotes from, and they were great!! Came right on time and finished the whole move in 3 hours without an issue. We ran out of tape and they had the supplies on them to finish the job. They were very careful moving the furniture and everything arrived in great shape. Very impressed.

Erin B.Arlington, VA

To Nova Express Movers, Just wanted to thank your crew for an amazing job with our move. The King of packing lived up to his title! The 3 men you sent arrived on time and were very professional and hardworking. They took care to wrap furniture and unloaded everything and placed it. Thank you again!

Fred N.

Your guys were great- on time, very professional, very polite and used  great care on every  piece of furniture.  My wife was happy especially with a bad experience she had about a month ago. The cost was also very reasonable..  I will use you again and recommend you to others.

Bill Simpson, Falls Church, VA

They were very punctual. They are also very efficient and polite as well. We moved from a apartment to a multilevel town-home which has a narrow staircase. They moved-in the large furniture items without damaging either to the furniture or the walls. They also charged reasonably. I strongly recommend them.

Mani A.Herndon, VA

Very happy with my move.  Dana from the office contacted me right away after I inquired, the crew showed up on schedule, were very politie and professional, and took good care of all my stuff – all at a great price.  I would definitely use them again for a future move.

Patrick M.Fairfax Station, VA

They were very punctual. They are also very efficient and polite as well. We moved from a apartment to a multilevel town-home which has a narrow staircase. They moved-in the large furniture items without damaging either to the furniture or the walls. They also charged reasonably. I strongly recommend them.

Mani A.Herndon, VA

I had a great experience with this company, in particular with the movers Quinton and Kirk. They arrived promptly at 09:00 AM and were very professional, pleasant and efficient. I recommend them with absolutely no reservations. Five stars to these two men! Awesome job!

Raquel L.Reston, VA

Hired three men for loading and they did an exceptional job.  Took great care packing and loading. Would definitely recommend NOVA Express Movers. I had to cancel a prior date and they rescheduled very quickly.  A+++ company.

Richard R. & Alexandria, VA

Great service!!! Everybody was so helpful from the beginning to the end. We used their service second time and highly recommend to everyone. Thanks again

Ciara S.McLean, VA

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