Keep or Toss? Tips for Downsizing Before You Move

downsizing before you move

Anyone who has experienced moving would agree that you probably have more stuff than you think. A lot more. In fact, go ahead and double the number of things you have pictured in your mind. Yes, it really is that bad. We believe it is a universal truth that no one can pack stuff into […]

Packing Fragile or Valuable Items

packing fragile or valuable items

Packing some belongings is easier than others. Towels, clothes, books, and kitchen utensils are all fairly straightforward and resilient if you’re packing in a hurry. However, there are certain belongings you must handle with care if you expect them to make it to your destination unharmed. Here are some packing tips for more delicate and […]

Top Tips to Make Moving as Easy as Possible

Moving can be exhausting and overwhelming. The long lists of to-dos and countless boxes never seem to end. Thankfully, with a few simple strategies, you can minimize your stress and have everything ready to go by moving day. Try these tips to make your move a success. Pack Early It’s tempting to leave the packing […]