You’re moving houses and you’re looking to hire movers. Who should you choose: Commercial movers or just residential movers? Does it matter? A moving company is a moving company, right? To a certain extent, yes, moving companies have a lot in common. But if you’re looking to hire the company that will give you the best possible move, consider using a company that specializes in commercial moves as well as residential. Here are some key reasons that hiring a company that does both types of moving will give you an advantage.

Commercial Movers Have Seen It All

Moving businesses from one location to another brings movers into contact with all kinds of challenges. Heavy furniture, sensitive materials, and expensive equipment are all expected and handled with great care. Commercial movers navigate unusual locations and tricky packing jobs regularly. By choosing movers with commercial experience, you can guarantee that you will have movers who are experts. Whatever you are moving, these movers will take it in stride and get it there in perfect order.

A Tight Turnaround Is Expected

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Companies that move locations can’t take days or weeks to make it happen. Business continues whether you’re ready or not. In these situations, moving requires efficiency and time management. Because of the requirements businesses have, commercial movers are experts at moving entire companies in record time and with complete precision. This skill translates into an excellent experience for you. Commercial movers are familiar with tight timeframes and have the skills and desire to get you in your new home as soon as possible.

Knowledge of the Local Area Is Key

It takes time to learn to navigate a metro area, especially when a large truck is involved. After moving individuals, families, and businesses all over Fairfax County, we at Nova Express Movers know this area. We can anticipate parking challenges, avoid traffic, and plot out the best routes for our trucks. Our knowledge is not limited to the residential areas, giving us a distinct advantage when it comes to moving you and your household.

If you’re looking to hire a moving company, you’re looking for great customer service. You want an efficient team and an experienced and knowledgeable crew. You want to give your business to someone who will make moving as stress-free as possible. Companies that specialize in both residential and commercial moving are better equipped to meet your needs and reach your high standards.

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