Moving day can be hectic, stressful, and exhausting. In the rush and bustle, it’s easy to forget the small but important things that make your move a success. You don’t want to find yourself in your new home unable to locate the basics of your daily life. Instead of trying to remember everything on the day you move, try packing a bin or box with all of your must-have items in advance. Then you can put it in your car and have confidence that you have what you need for a smooth transition. Here are some things to remember as you pack your moving day essentials.


This category includes everything from important records, like birth certificates and social security cards, to your new lease agreement, to the contract for your moving company. Any papers you’ll need in the next month should be close at hand. Thankfully papers don’t take up much space. Just be sure they are protected from moisture.


While things like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste may be obvious choices, there are other important toiletry items you may overlook. For instance, be sure to include dish soap and a dish towel in your easily-accessed items. Also, toilet paper, tissues, and any medications you use regularly will be good additions. In reality, anything you expect to use in the first week is good to add. This prevents you from hunting through boxes or running to the drugstore in desperation.

Tools and Hardware

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It’s a great idea to keep a hammer, a screwdriver, and some basic nails and screws nearby. It isn’t uncommon to encounter small repairs or hardware needs while you are moving. Additionally, pack some batteries of different sizes and a flashlight. That way you’re prepared for electrical problems or a quick run down to the basement. Any cords you may need for phones and other electronics are also a must-have.


Keep 2-3 changes of clothes for each family member close at hand. This provides a quick change in the case of moving day emergencies as well as taking the pressure off for immediate unpacking. Also be sure to include clothes for unexpected weather (a raincoat and/or sweatshirt, for instance) and sleepwear for your first couple of nights in your new home.


Moving day is not the time to realize that you can’t find your water bottle. Stock up on a few favorite drinks and nutritious snacks to keep you going through the move. This will save you time and money when you’re tempted to run out for fast food.

Moving day feels like a whirlwind. Planning ahead and packing your essentials allows you to be comfortable and at peace in the middle of the transition. If you are looking for a company to give you the best move possible, contact us at Nova Express Movers. We look forward to serving you and helping you transition without as much stress.

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