Green Crates - an inexpensive, eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes

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Green crates are a brilliant, innovative new alternative to more traditional, cardboard boxes. They are created from 100% post consumer recycled materials, and can be used more than 400 times before they lose their integrity and become disposable.

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The Benefits of Using Green Crates:

Green crates are the intelligent option for a move, whether you are an individual, a family, or a business organization. They offer a number of advantages, such as:

Convenience: Made of industrial grade plastic, green crates are clean, highly convenient and extremely durable. They have ergonomic handles and attached hinged lids that can be securely locked.Furthermore, they are dust proof, crush proof, water proof, and weather resistant, factors which add to their longevity.

Cost Effectiveness: Green crates are less expensive compared to cardboard boxes. However, their worth cannot be measured in financial terms alone. They also save a considerable amount of your valuable time, being stackable and nestable. You do not have to waste your time in order to pack and unpack, which in turn saves additional money.

Recyclability: They are composed entirely of recycled materials and each crate can be used hundreds of times before it becomes unusable. Additionally, they can be recycled themselves once disposed, making them the ideal product.

Eco Friendliness: They are environment friendly, promoting the conservation and sustainable use of global natural resources as they do not require trees to be cut down.

Boxes and crates are required by a multitude of individuals and organizations for moving purposes. Millions of cardboard boxes are traditionally used during these moves every day around the world, and usually become worthless after being used merely two to three times. The use of green crates then is incredibly beneficial to the environment at large, not to mention the advantages it offers to the people and businesses who are involved in the moving process.

Therefore, green crates offer a sturdier, more eco-friendly moving solution to both residential and commercial users, helping them save both expenses and their valuable time.

Green crates are an exceedingly effective and exceptionally efficient product, one that can make your moving process increasingly smooth and easy. They are crush proof and water proof, so you can pack your belongings with a certain peace of mind, knowing they will be delivered safely and reliably.

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